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WPMCA Executive 

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Karien Verster 

Vice Chair:
Colette Stoffberg
My passion for this sport can be traced back to when I was 7 years old. Whether as a member of a Majorette
team, an Adjudicator or Coach, I have embraced this sport as part of my life for the past 33 years.

Marvin Wymers
 Chief Adjudicator
"This sports teaches our young individuals about discipline and how to carry yourself in life……. Always having confidence."

Chalmone Beukes
 Deputy CA

Treasurer and Public Relations Officer:
Yvonne Viljoen
"Majorettes and Cheerleading empowers its athletes with many valuable life skills, self confidence, discipline, time management, ability to compromise and trust, work well under guidance and pressure with a team. Your Team mates are Your Family. It is sisterhood of lifelong friendships. The physicality of the sport and keeping yourself fit is bonus to all you learn from been a Majorette and Cheerleader."

K Waggie
Competition Manager

ACR Cheer:
Sam Higgins
 Assistant Coaches Rep Cheerleading

Coaching Cheer is my passion. I'm always eager to help other Coaches grow and see all the Athletes excel. In a team cheerleaders don't just build Pyramids they build lifelong friendships.

ACR Majorettes:
Kaylene Cordom 

Coaches Rep:
Zurika Mackenzie

I’ve been a drummie since grade one. I have never left this wonderful sport as it taught me invaluable lessons that I still find key in adulthood. It teaches you self discipline, commitment, time management, team work, self worth and confidence. Being a drummie doesn’t just mean you belong to a team but rather a sisterhood that stays with you long after you left school. I’m proud to say I was a Drum Majorette even after all these years.

Assistant Coaches Rep: 
Kaylene Cordom 

Caron Daniell

Development Officer:
Hendrica Marthinus 

Developemnt Cheerleading:
Amanda  Bowden 

I have coached cheerleading in Canada, the UK and in Johannesburg, KZN as well as the Western Province, and what I love about cheerleading is how inclusive it is;. Every male and female can enjoy this popular sport from a young age, into adulthood.